This year is also bringing video providers to the altar with traditional telematics companies so fleet managers can marry cameras, GPS hardware, and cloud platforms into a single solution.

“Moving forward throughout 2019, convergence between video and standard telematics companies will continue to develop throughout the year as customers seek a one-stop style of solution to help better manage their drivers,” said David Cassie, Geotab’s vice president of sales.

In October, Geotab announced a partnership, where SmartDrive leverages Geotab’s software platform with their video hardware that can be offered to SmartDrive customers as a full ELD-compliance solution.

Other Geotab Marketplace partners include ZenduCam, a SmartWitness camera by ZenduIT that feeds road and driver-facing footage to a web browser or mobile phone; high-resolution camera from Zone Defense with night vision; Rosco Dual-Vision camera with high-capacity memory; and Mobileye collision prevention system that included a windshield-mounted camera.

Agilis Systems, a traditional GPS tracking company based in St. Louis, has entered the category this year with a 4G LTE connected dash cam in a partnership with Silicon Valley-based Owl Cameras. The product, Linxup Dash Cam, uses cloud technology to store and display event and user-generated video clips.

“Fleet operators can use the live view functionality of the cameras to instantly see vehicle status, and can also communicate via two-way talk with drivers,” said Tom Prindiville, vice president of product management with Agilis.

SmartDrive has collaborated with Wabco Holdings, Inc., to offer its video event recorder and SR4 video platform with Wabco’s safety bundle of advanced driver assistance technologies for heavy-duty trucks, Wabco announced March 18.

And Omnitracs has forged alliances with two cloud-software providers to improve its Omnitracs One video management platform.

Other partnerships, between telematics providers and vehicle manufacturers, can also result in systems with greater benefits for the fleets that use them.

“Our range of solutions is focused on a holistic approach to fleet and vehicle management, as opposed to just software and hardware,” said Galina Korshunova, a Fleet Complete spokeswoman. “We focus on making our video solution, Vision, a complementary part of any business fleet to ensure comprehensive safety benefits. 2019 will also bring more OEM partnerships for Fleet Complete that will directly benefit our customers with specific types of equipment in their vehicles.”

Greater Adoption Ahead